Published: 17 October 2014 17 October 2014

NIRAS has announced that Taiwan Generations Corp. (TGC) has appointed NIRAS to act as Owner’s Engineer during the development of the Fuhai Deployment Zone on the west coast of Taiwan. 

The Fuhai Deployment Zone is sited approximately 8 kilometres off the western coast of Taiwan, in water depths of around 20 metres. The Zone will be developed in three stages, starting with the demonstration phase Changhua Offshore Pilot Project (2 turbines) and an offshore met mast in 2015. This will be followed by the 28 turbine Fuhai Offshore Wind Farm (Phase 2), and then Fuhai Phase 3. TGC have collected 10 years of wind measurement data and accumulated various feasibility studies. NIRAS will provide detailed consultancy support services to TGC in Taiwan, including FEED study, technical design review and quality assurance, and general project management. They will also provide assurance and monitoring support during fabrication, installation and commissioning activities in the Fuhai Deployment Zone.

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