Published: 21 February 2013 21 February 2013
SgurrEnergy, in partnership with AREVA Wind, has announced the launch an offshore wind energy measurement campaign. The offshore measurement campaign involves the deployment of three of SgurrEnergy’s G4000 Offshore Galion Lidar devices on an AREVA M5000-116 wind turbine located in the offshore test field, Alpha Ventus, in the German North Sea.

The campaign will involve the simultaneous collection of wind data at multiple measurement points by three Galion devices; providing detailed information on the wind resource before and after it interacts with the investigated turbine. This data, along with that collected by the turbine itself, which AREVA Wind has instrumented with high resolution sensors, will produce a comprehensive picture of inflowing wind and its influence throughout the structure of a turbine, from blades to foundations. The project will take place over a period of three to six months and SgurrEnergy’s wind analysis team, based in Glasgow, will manage the measurement campaign remotely; controlling the Galions’ scan geometries, settings, and timings.
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