Published: 14 March 2006 14 March 2006
Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group (SEPGG) has been awarded a contract by German-based Aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH to jointly develop the largest wind turbine in China.

The installed electric generation capacity of the windmill could reach 2MW. The length of a single blade is more than 40 metres and the diameter of the rotor is approximately 80 metres. The first wind power generating unit with more than 70% of Chinese-made parts will debut in January 2008. The contract will also enable SEPGG to be the first home-grown firm to participate in the research and development of wind power equipment in China. The company also accelerated its development in the wind power sector from this year as it signed a contract with UK-based EU Energy Wind Ltd to introduce the technology of a 1,250kW wind turbine in January, which will start production early next year.
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