Published: 19 March 2008 19 March 2008

The consortium formed by the meteorological consulting firm Meteosim Truewind and Latin Bridge consultants has been selected to produce a wind atlas of Peru.

Under the sponsorship of the World Bank, the project is set to prepare a survey of Peru's wind resources so that the competent authorities and teams of experts there will have at their disposal reliable information. Training will also be offered to local experts to build future wind farms. Meteosim Truewind's technology is based on numerical calculations carried out on data gathered from global weather records. This makes it possible to do atmospheric simulations and assessments with much greater precision and reliability. As a result, it can help to determine which areas are more ideal for exploiting Peru's wind resources without the need to install measuring stations across the country. All the data obtained will be made available to users through web-based geographic information software.
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