Published: 17 October 2008 17 October 2008
American Superconductor Corporation has announced that it has licensed two of its proprietary wind turbine designs to South Korea-based Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

Under the terms of the contracts, AMSC's wholly owned AMSC Windtec subsidiary will license designs to HHI for its proprietary 1.65MW and 2 MW doubly fed induction wind turbines. HHI plans to commence production of 1.65MW wind turbines by the end of 2009 and will initially target the US market. In addition to upfront license fees for each design, AMSC will receive royalty payments for the first several hundred wind turbines produced by HHI. AMSC will also provide HHI with core electronic components for the wind turbines manufactured by HHI. HHI plans to have its first wind turbine prototype installed and commissioned by mid 2009 and expects to begin shipping wind turbines to customers by the end of calendar 2009.
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