Published: 23 November 2018 23 November 2018
WTI Newsletter BYO TOWERSv2Currently, all turbine manufactures are facing the challenge of increasing generation by increasing Hub Height and in turn enhance the ROI.
BYO Towers has developed and patented a very simple, economical and innovative construction system for Hybrid Towers that takes any Hub Height to as high as 167m.
In essence, the tower is designed and divided into massive trunk conical sections, easily workable. The recommended height of the sections should be between 10 and 14 meters.
BYO Towers’ construction process does not need any special or heavy transportation because the concrete elements are manufactured at their final position.
BYO TOWERS´ system is suitable for remote Wind Projects, large or small, because of a minimum mobilization cost and the use of conventional raw materials. In addition, it does not involve vertical joint filling as well as avoids pre-assembly process.
It is due to the simplicity of the design (geometry and materials) and the robustness of the moulds that the tower fulfils the High Quality standards.
BYO Towers provides, along with the License of the Patent, the design of the tower and the know-how and technology transfer for its clients.
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