Published: 15 May 2017 15 May 2017

IREC index wind energy index pictureEoltech, an independent wind energy consulting firm, has announced that it won contracts from French customers to deploy its IREC-Index. With this multi-source wind energy index they will aim to refine the monitoring of 24 wind farms in France, representing a total output of 500MW. IREC-Index will enable Eoltech’s clients to check the consistency of their fleet’s output against the available wind resource to detect potential turbine performance discrepancies.

The specificity of IREC-Index is to be based on the selection and combination of several data sources that are both independent and coherent with one another. For each region, IREC-Index takes into account at least four distinct and independent sources of wind data, whose consistency in time is checked each month. These data are then converted into production and combined to obtain output reference indicators by region, providing valuable information to operators wishing to optimise the energy performance of their wind portfolio.

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